I am a Hungarian photographer, living and working in Edinburgh for the last three years. I take pictures with a Polaroid land camera and then manipulate each photograph by hand, to achieve an unpredictable, unique, painterly effect. Each series of Polaroid images captures moments of mood, flashes of atmosphere, fragments of architecture and the essence of places explored.

"Some are symbolic and show an emotional response, some are representative and capture the delight of the moment of discovery. Many demonstrate my interest in the impact of light, the graphical juxtaposition of colours and the tactile nature of many scenes. My unusual technique blurs the line between photography and painting, as many photographs resemble impressionist paintings – although each scene is ‘real’".

None of my photographs are created or adapted by computer, although many people ask! The reproductions for sale have been scanned and printed as archival quality C-type photographic prints or archival inkjet photographic prints. I hope you enjoy the pictures!